Ceramic Pig Statues, Set of Three: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

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These three little piggies gesture with their hands to communicate a classic proverb; hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. The proverb is a reminder to avoid harmful thoughts and deeds. Made of white ceramic, each piggy weighs about 1 pound and measures 6.75 inches high, 5.25 inches wide and 4.75 inches deep.

  • Ceramic piggy statues
  • Set of three statues total
  • Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil
  • Each statue is 6.75 x 5.25 x 4.75 inches
  • Each statue weighs about 1 lb.

This item may feature slight variations in color, detail, and overall design.

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