I Love You Because Pocket Stone Gift Set


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* Set of 6 pocket stones
* Made of polished petrified wood
* Each stone is engraved on both sides
* Comes in a black pouch
* Stones are approximately 1.75" x 1.3"
* Size, shape and color of stones varies

There are infinite reasons why, and now six of them are etched in stone. Each piece in this set of six highly polished petrified wood pocket stones says, "I love you because"; on one side, and on the other side lists different reasons why. The reasons listed are: You are so giving
You rock
I just do
You love me
You are an inspiration
Of your great smile Petrified wood is wood that has, over time, transformed into stone. Through the process the wood gradually becomes stronger as it changes. These stones are a testament that love grows stronger with time and has the power to change those who keep it with them.

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