Inspirational Cuff Bracelets, The Motivation Series

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What is it that you want to accomplish? Whether it’s big or small, you’ve got the power to make it happen. Start now, start today!

These easy to wear bracelets are designed to rev up your motivation and get your wheels turning. Each cuff is made with an open design from stainless steel. The design adjusts to fit most wrist sizes. Cuff band is about 4mm wide and 6.25 inches around. Choose from five different motivational mantras. 

Mantras are as follows:
If not now, when?
Make the most of today
Get it done
Be the change

  • Motivational cuff bracelets
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Bracelet is 6.25 inches around
  • Band is 4 mm wide
  • Adjustable fit, open design fits most
  • Five different designs available

This item may feature slight variations in details and overall appearance. 

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