Lavender Body Wrap, Blue and White Print


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There’s nothing like the aroma of lavender and the refreshing feeling of hot or cold to ease the mind and relax the body. This colorfully printed body wrap will do just that with its 100% natural filling of lavender, flaxseed, and wheat berry. The dried lavender soothes with aromatherapy while the wheat berries’ weight provides the ideal level of pressure to the body. Flaxseed, with its ability to retain hot and cold, make this wrap’s temperatures last extra long.

Suitable for anywhere on the body, use the wrap to relieve aches and pains or simply de-stress when you need some self-care.

  • Lavender Body Wrap 
  • Blue and White Print 
  • Cover is 100% cotton 
  • Dried lavender, flaxseed and wheat berry filling
  • Measures 18 by 6.5 inches 
  • Handmade in USA

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