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Decorative Gratitude Throw Pillow
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Decorative Gratitude Throw Pillow

    “Gratitude creates optimism and positivity. You feel better about life when you are thankful. Thank you (merci, tack, gracias, danke, arigato, grazie, dojo…) is a beautiful world to be used often and sincerely. There is always something to be grateful for. When you see good, you do good and become a better person.”

    Saying thank you is quick, easy, and feels oh so good. Show some gratitude with this rustic and simple throw pillow. Featuring thoughtful sentiments in calligraphy and a quaint flower illustration. Pillow measures 23 x 15 inches and is made from cotton and linen with a polyester fiberfill stuffing.

    * Inspirational calligraphy pillow
    * Features heartfelt sentiment about gratitude
    * Made of cotton and linen with polyester fiberfill
    * Measures 23 x 15 inches
    * Spot wash with damp cloth

    This item may feature slight variations in color, design elements, and overall appearance.