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Friendship Scarf
  • DM-90006
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Friendship Calligraphy Scarf

    "Friends make us feel loved and special. They are very precious people who bring joy and happiness to life. We can truly be ourselves when in the company of great friends. They know the authentic person we are and love us for all our quirks."

    It's not just clothes that keep us warm, it's the love from our friends. Printed with cute calligraphy and inspiring words about the importance of friendship, this scarf is a little bit of both. Made of a polyester and spandex blend in a neutral slate gray that goes with just about anything. Scarf measures 75 x 20 inches: big enough to wear like a shawl and compact enough to wrap around like a traditional scarf. Handwash only. Hang to dry.

    • Gray inspirational knit scarf
    • Features sentiments on friendship
    • Made of spandex and polyester blend
    • Measures 75 x 20 inches long
    • Handwash only, hang to dry
    This item may feature slight variations in color, design elements, and overall appearance.