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How to Be Creative
How to Be Creative Instructional Book
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How to Be Creative Instructional Book


    Rediscover your creativity and live the life you truly want! In "How to Be Creative", Liz Dean demonstrates how we can all develop creativity and find more fulfillment in all areas of our lives. Creativity benefits communication, approaches to challenges, self-esteem, and even the way we live in our homes and manage our time. Each chapter is an invitation to look at a particular area of potential, from problem-solving through making time for creative play, and developing an idea from scratch.

    Included are exercises and case studies, and at the back of the book is a list of words and phrases you can use for Oblique Strategies cards or six-word stories, or indeed in any way you like. Liz shows you that creativity doesn’t need to be a huge commitment – you can be creative in short ten minute spaces if that is all you can spare, and even then you will feel the benefits. In this inspirational new book, we will learn how to drop self-judgment, find the creative flow, and really please ourselves again.

    • "How to be Creative"
    • By Liz Dean
    • Paperback, 144 pages
    • Measures 7.5 x 9.5 inches
    • ISBN: 9781782491675
    • Books are nonreturnable