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Live Laugh Love Inspirational Floral Wall Decal
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Live Laugh Love Inspirational Floral Wall Decal

    Transform blank walls into a feast for the eyes, not to mention a boost for the soul! This inspirational floral decal easily transfers onto your walls and can also be applied to metal, canvas, ceramic and paper. This decal can be applied in one large sheet. Or, feel free to cut out various elements and apply to a chosen surface as desired. Decal measures 24” x 29.5”.
    The decal comes with one large rubbing stick that can be used for the application.

    Live Laugh Love wall decal
    Decal measures 24” x 29.5” 
    Comes with rubbing stick for application
    Can be applied to various types of surfaces
    Made in the USA

    This item was made in the USA. Please allow for variations in color, surface design, and overall appearance.