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Phases of the Moon Necklace
Shifting Shapes Moon Phase Necklace
  • ND-A1753
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Shifting Shapes Moon Phase Necklace

    Life is always changing and shifting shape, just like the moon. Learn to trust the journey and enjoy every new shift with this symbolic necklace. Featuring reliefs of all the phases of the moon, this necklace’s ring pendant is cast from sleek sterling silver. The pendant measures about 0.625 inches in diameter and hangs from a glittering rhodium-plated chain. Chain measures 18 inches long.

    • Shifting shapes pendant
    • Features all the phases of the moon
    • Sterling silver with rhodium-plated chain
    • Pendant measures 0.625 inches in diameter
    • Chain is 18 inches long
    • Pendant is made in Thailand
    • Chain is made in Italy
    This item may feature slight variations in details, finish, and overall appearance.